Hotel RF Energy Saving Switch-Mifare

Hotel RF Energy Saving Switch-Mifare

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Intelligent energy saving switch get the benefits for the hotel.
The hotel adopted Hicence switch to gain power, When leaving the room,
the guest take the key card away (you have to pull out cards, because
you would also like to use this card to open the door when you
back),Energy saving switch will cut off the power within 20 seconds
automatically. It can bring direct economic benefits (electricity
savings) for the hotel, to extend the life of electrical equipment, to
enhance guest safety factor of electricity, to achieve energy-saving
effectively for hotel. Investing least cost to reach the effect
“energy-saving emission reduction” for the hotel.
In accordance with the general standard guest room s appliance
Right-left bedside lamp
25~40W*2     mirror front lamp 20
W      floor lamp25-40 W
TV 120
desk lamp
porch light 25W
Separate Air Conditioner 1000
W       Total
power:1300 W=1.3KW
According to the power calculation, if there are 100 rooms in hotel,
and N20:00/ kWh. If we could saved one hours for each room daily power,
then the hotel could be saving electric charge each year: 1.3 kilowatts
� 100 rooms � 1 hours / day � 365 days � N20:00 / kWh = N949,000:00

Electrical Safety of
hotel Reservation

If the guests do not turn off the electrical equipment before going
out, and the servers take no notice of that.
Then the electrical equipment would have a long term operation. Having
a long-term operation, It would lead to heat themselves. If they heat
over time, then it will shorten its service life or burn themselves,
and even catch fire.

Product standard

The product is based on the International requirements GB16915.1-2003,
GB16915.2-2003 for design and production, and its performance
indicators are in line with CE, FCC certification .

Technical parameters
Operating voltage: 50/60Hz 80-260VAC (other voltages can be customized)
Maximum load current: 40A  
Maximum load power: 8000W  
Quiescent operating power: 1W  
Delay power-off time :10- 20 seconds  
Non-working condition: light blue  
Service life: When relay contacts 220V in the full load, life
expectancy greater than 10 million  
Operating temperature: -10 – 60   
Working humidity: 50 10-95% RH  
Overall dimensions: W86mm * H86mm * D35mm  
Case Material: Imported fire retardant PC plastic

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