MC-416E-308 analog Hybrid PBX

MC-416E-308 analog Hybrid PBX expandable up to 4line, 16extensions



MC-416E analog Hybrid PBX
•    Capacity
(expandable):       3-4
•    Max. Key
1pc of MC-1,2,3,40 or MC-50
•    Max. Regular
Phone:         16pcs

•    Full Caller
Operator,Intercom, After-transfer
•    DISA
3-level, total

•    Walking Account
PIN:        32-account
•    Power Failure Transfer:    

•    Door
•    Conference
8 for Key phone, 3 regular phone
•    Switch Power Supply:     
220vac or 110vac
•    0.1% Failure


1        Advanced Hybrid
System        Programmed by both Key
Telephone Set or Regular Phones.
2        Walking Class of Service
        Use password to access class of
authority to make outside calls
3        Full Caller ID   
    Intercom CID and after transfer display, FSK /DTMF
for out, DTMF for intercom
4        Welcome Message
Built-in        You can record Welcome
Message, Busy Message, No-answer Message
5        External Music   
    On-hold music  from MP3 player etc.
6        Power Fail Transfer
        2 extensions can still use
Outside lines  when power supply stops
7        Call on Hold &
Retrieve        You can hold extension or
outside line and take back them if need.
8        Day & Night Service
        The PBX service time can
separated to Day & Night manually
9        Toll
Restriction        Class of services to
make outside call
10        Flexible
Numbering        2~ 4-digit extension
numbers can be modified freely
11        Call Interrupt & Cut
Off        The existing conversation can
be barged in or cut off
12        Call Pickup
Group        Pick up the ringing calls in
same group or restrict to pick up in other group
13        Set Operators   
    System can set altogether 3 Operators in PBX. (by
key telephone)
14        Call
Forwarding        Call to extension A can
be forwarded to extension B directly or when busy or when no-answer .
15        Call Pickup
Directly        User can pick the desired
ringing extension directly or pick up randomly.
16        Pickup
Dialing        Without dialing any
number, the fixed extension number will ring.
17        Conference
Call        3~8 parties can make
conversation at same time in same conference.
18        Boss Secretary
Call        Call to boss will firstly
ring to secretary extension .
19        Call Time
Restriction        Alert when
conversation lasted for  3~9 minutes, call will be cut off too.
20        Call Waiting   
    There will be a waiting alert in conversation to
remind there’s call waiting for.
21        Ringing Extension
Assign        You can assign from which
outside line to ring to which extensions.
22        Hold Call
Back        The on-hold Outside Line will
ring back in fixed time.
23        No-dial to
Operator        The caller will be
forwarded to Operator if it doesn’t dial any number during
Auto-attendant mode.
24        Outside Line
Group        The outside lines can be
into 2group, one is dial 9 route-out ,another dial 3 out.
25        DSS Speed
Transfer        Call being transferred
without dialing “TRFR” button in key telephone.
26        Flash Time
Setting        300-900ms
27        Call Back on
Busy        The call ring back when you
select outside line or call extension but they busy.

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